DFSS Green Belt Certification Test

DFSS Green Belt Certification Test

Price: $170.00
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Length: Approx: 2.5 Hours
Cost: $170.00

This certification follows the IDDOV: Design for Six Roadmap roadmap to gauge a Green Belt’s understanding of the key areas of the Design for Six Sigma methodology. Based on SBTI’s exceptional standards, there are 65 questions in multiple different focus areas over content covered during the two week SBTI DFSS Green Belt course. The Green Belt candidate is required to submit a completed project report along with a letter from their Champion (manager) showing business results in order obtain SBTI certification.

Candidates will be quizzed on:

  1. Their understanding of the roles and responsibilities of being a Green Belt
  2. Their ability to deliver results
  3. Their knowledge of the roadmaps and tools needed to perform at the Green Belt level.